Delays in the technological transition for Finnish terrestrial television

Published 30.10.2018

The Finnish terrestrial television network was scheduled to switch to DVB-T2 transmission technology by 31 March 2020. The transition has been delayed due to the filing of a complaint with the Market Court regarding the competitive bidding process for distribution of Yleisradio’s HD channels.

Finnish TV operators announced on 24 October 2018 that the planned transition to DVB-T2 broadcasting technology for HD broadcasting will be delayed from the planned timetable. The delay is due to the filing of an appeal with the Market Court concerning the competitive bidding process for distribution of Yleisradio’s HD channels. Market law may take several months to process, so the transition cannot be implemented until 31 March 2020.

The transition to the new broadcast technology will, in any case, be implemented within the coming years, and therefore the purchase of a television or digital set-top box with a DVB-T2 tuner lies ahead for many households with terrestrial TV. Almost all the new models of receivers on sale have a tuner that uses the new technology. The terrestrial antenna network already offers plenty of HD content.

“The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority has coordinated communication related to the DVB-T2 transition, and has implemented it in cooperation with the TV industry. We have also distributed printed brochures to inform the public that the transfer will take place on 31 March 2020. We are now upgrading all our electronic materials in accordance with the new decision by TV operators, but unfortunately we will not be able to withdraw the printed material that has already been distributed", says Tiina Aaltonen, development manager at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

The transition to DVB-T2 transmission technology is based on the Government’s 2012 report to Parliament for an electronic media communications policy programme and as a framework for international decisions. In March 2016, the Finnish television broadcasters (Yleisradio, MTV, Sanoma Media Finland, Discovery Networks Finland and Fox International Channels) made a joint decision to transfer exclusively to DVB-T2 technology for broadcasting their free-to-air available television channels by 31 March 2020.

About 1.2 million Finnish households receive TV broadcasts through the terrestrial antenna network. There are about 900,000 households with no other means (e.g. IPTV) of receiving TV broadcasting than the antenna network. According to the most recent survey, 55% of these households already have the receiver technology required for the new transmission technology. In addition, television is most often viewed through the antenna network in over 600,000 holiday homes.

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