Finland number one in mobile data in the Nordics and Baltics - falling behind in fixed broadband

Published 04.07.2018

Finland fared best in mobile data transfer services in a recent comparison of Nordic and Baltic countries. In fixed broadband, Finland did not hold up quite as well. The comparison is based on statistics compiled by the Nordic and Baltic telecom regulators.

A new comparison of Nordic and Baltic broadband services puts Finland at the top in mobile data transfer volumes and the number of mobile data subscriptions. While as many as 40 out of 100 Finns had subscribed to a so-called data-only plan by the end of 2017, these plans were only half as popular in Sweden, and the average for all the countries in the comparison was below 30.

Mobile data usage was more than twice as high in Finland than in any of the other countries. Finns send the least text messages of all the countries in the survey.

Finland already previously scored poorer in fixed broadband penetration than the other Nordic countries. Last year, also Estonia surpassed Finland in the take up of fixed broadband.

In the other countries in the comparison, the number of fixed broadband connections with a download speed of 100 Mbps or more is growing faster than in Finland. It looks like Finland is falling behind: there are only ten 100 Mbps+ subscriptions per 100 subscriptions in Finland, while in Sweden the corresponding figure is as high as 26.

Also the availability of residential fixed broadband was significantly lower in Finland than in the other Nordic countries. In Finland, 52 per cent of residential customers have a 100 Mbps broadband connection, while in the other Nordic countries the figure is 75 to 91 per cent.

For more details of the statistics, please see the survey on FICORA's website: Telecommunication Markets in the Nordic and Baltic Countries 2017

The Swedish communications authority (PTS) publishes the statistics on its website(in Swedish and English)

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