Finland to become a leader in 5G: The 5GKIRI cooperation project between Finland’s largest cities supports construction of future communications networks

Published 01.11.2018

The recently launched 5GKIRI project aims to ensure that cities can support the construction of 5G networks through more agile and nationwide processes. The participating cities are Espoo, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti, Oulu, Turku and Vantaa, and the project is being coordinated by Sitowise Oy. 5GKIRI is part of the 5G Momentum project, which promotes innovative 5G experiments.

The telecommunications operators DNA, Elisa and Telia have been awarded licences in the 3.5 GHz frequency range in a frequency auction organised by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Commercial operations on 5G networks can begin at the start of 2019. 5GKIRI promotes cooperation between cities and telecommunications operators in the construction of 5G networks, and also facilitates the harmonisation of building permit procedures and the identification of bottlenecks in processes.

-We are trying to build a 5G ecosystem so that it will not be necessary for everyone to re-invent the wheel – we can learn from each other. This will increase competition, encourage greater efficiency and lead to many innovations over the long term, for everyone concerned, says Heidi Himmanen, chief specialist in the 5G Momentum project.

The design and construction phase of 5G networks requires closer cooperation between cities and operators than was needed for previous generations of mobile technology. The number of small radio cell base stations in urban areas will grow, and they will be installed permanently on urban infrastructure such as street lighting poles. In the future, the cities involved in the project will also become part of the value chain of 5G services when the 5G connections become an inseparable part of the services provided by the cities.

The project focuses on matters related to fibre optic connections, base station placement and urban licensing. They are related to the existing processes and working methods of cities, and to the adaptation of 5G network design with the design and maintenance of other parts of the built environment.

The goal of the 5G Momentum ecosystem is to make Finland a world leader in 5G technology by developing expertise in 5G technology, identifying future opportunities and cooperating with various actors. The network experiments contribute to the development of new services and networks based on 5G technology, the identification of shared future opportunities, and the creation of new services for consumers, businesses and public administration. In addition to FICORA, which coordinates the project, three other administrative bodies of the Ministry of Transport and Communications are also responsible for the project’s operations: the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Finnish Transport Agency, and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.

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