You can ensure fast and efficient connections for users by means of IPv6

FICORA invites providers of broadband services to participate in the national IPv6 launch. IPv4 addresses are running out. Therefore, IPv6 must be brought into use so that all users can communicate with each other on the internet also in the future.

The launch of IPv6 decreases significantly the traffic that passes through network address translation (NAT system) and thereby the costs for updating and maintaining the system. IPv6 also improves user experience because all web services and their features do not necessarily work with network address translation.

Several major players have already brought IPv6 into use in Finland and around the world. For example Comcast and Deutsche Telekom are using IPv6 and in Finland it is used by DNA, Elisa and Sonera. Examples of the content service providers using IPv6 are Google, Facebook, Youtube and Netflix and in Finland Yle, Iltalehti, MTV and Fonecta.

How can I participate in the IPv6 launch?

The requirement for participating in the launch day is that the broadband service provider offers IPv6 connections in consumer subscriptions automatically to all the customers who use the subscription type in question. In addition, IPv6 must be launched in broadband subscriptions permanently. If the launch cannot be performed in this timescale in all networks of the broadband service provider, the registration is also possible with a more restricted selection, such as with mobile and FTTH networks.

Those who wish to participate in the launch day must prove their capability by submitting information on possible technology or area definitions, supplemented with a product description. The product description must be sent to FICORA by 8 May 2015. However, a notification of the participation should be submitted as soon as the decision has been made because the participants will be listed on the event website at

Submit your registration to the e-mail address: ipv6nyt(at)

More information on the subject [pdf, 45 KB]