IPv6 enables that you can improve the user experience related to services

FICORA invites providers of content and web services to participate in the national IPv6 launch held. IPv4 addresses are running out. Therefore, IPv6 must be brought into use so that the availability of content and web services can be guaranteed for all who wish to use them.

IPv6 offers a fast lane pass the jammed IPv4 network. By means of IPv6, web and content service providers also have a better conception of the usage volume of the service when an unknown amount of different users no longer lies behind one and the same address.

Since each user cannot have an own IPv4 addresses due to the limited amount of the addresses, telecoms operators have divided one IPv4 address between several users by means of network address translation (NAT). This has, in turn, caused problems to providers of web and content services because all web services and their features do not necessarily work with network address translation. IPv6 does not cause similar problems, and by launching IPv6, you can improve the user experience of services.

Several major players have already brought IPv6 into use. Examples of the content service providers using IPv6 are Google, Facebook, Youtube and Netflix and in Finland Yle, Iltalehti, MTV and Fonecta.

How can I participate in the IPv6 launch?

The requirement for participating in the launch day is that the participant brings IPv6 into use permanently. If the launch cannot be performed within the required timescale for all websites or services of the participant, the registration is also possible with only selected broadband technologies, websites or content services.

Those who wish to participate in the launch day must meet the above-mentioned participation requirement and notify FICORA of the matter by 8 May 2015. However, a notification of the participation should be submitted as soon as the decision has been made because the participants will be listed on the event website at www.ipv6now.fi.

Submit your registration to the e-mail address: ipv6nyt(at)ficora.fi

More information on the subject [pdf, 51 KB]